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Weight loss and water

Weight loss and water

A study proves that the hydration of one person and his weight are directly linked. On the other hand, you can find on google more information about this topic, but are those information completely reliable and really accurate?

Hydration plays a role in the management of weight.

A study recently published on THE ANNALS OF FAMILY MEDICINE proves the people who drink a lot of water keep a stable weight. Tammy Chang, the author of this study and a searcher in the university of Michigan, said that after this study, “people who don’t hydrate enough have a big chance to have overweight.”

To be sure that this study is accurate, the researchers used an investigation of health that regroup a lot of information about the weight and height of every studied individual. Also, they test the urine to evaluate the level of the hydration of the participants.

Momentary but verified effect

So Tammy Chang and his crew have proven that the people with a low level of hydration have a double chance to be overweight in comparison to the others. Tammy Chang also states that “the idea that the hydration could have an effect on the weight, it’s interesting.”

But this study proves that the hydration has an effect on the weight in a moment T, and does not show that the hydration allows people to manage their weight. To be noted, that drink a big cub of water before a meal helps to suppress hunger, to avoid eating a lot, this privilege weight loss.

previous studies state that it’s true “peoples opted to drink water instead of then sugary drinks gain weight slower.”

So, you have to drink less sodas to lose weight, everyone knows this, but how to make sure you are well hydrated? Tammy Chang responds to this question: you can see the color of the urine, if it’s darker, so you need more water. There isn’t a perfect quantity of needed water per day, but it’s advisable to drink at least one liter of water per day.

Written by Jacques Leoni


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